Between the Lines: The Who: Concert Memories from the Classic Years 1964 to 1976 – Genzolini

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A new expertly researched and lovingly curated book by author Edoardo Genzolini is set to be released this year by Schiffer Publishing. The Who: Concert Memories from the Classic Years 1964 to 1976, is a substantial tome and focuses on a specific era with a granular focus, which is a speciality of Genzolini. The text targets the touring career of the original Who, and captures the peak era of the band with drummer Keith Moon. Pete Townshend commented on Genzolini’s text and found the book to be an, “intriguing and extremely insightful take on The Who and myself.”

The Who, one of the loudest and best performing rock and roll bands of the genre, routinely brought the house down on live stages across the globe. From the Marquee Club, to Fillmore East, from Woodstock, to Young Vic, Genzolini traces the band’s development from a seat in the audience at their greatest shows and also from behind the stage. 

The alchemy of the book can be found in the expansive collection of remembrances and anecdotes from fans, friends, and band insiders. Genzolini has constructed a nesting egg of information on the Who’s on stage career, with each factoid and tidbit of information revealing another layer of minutae. 

Hundreds of never before seen photographs color the group’s live concert narrative of purple hearts,  power chords and auto destruction in vibrant detail. Intimate views of the group on stage, off stage, or caught unaware fill the volume to the brim. Ganzolini reveals previously clandestine moments to the reader and then details them via a number of first hand accounts thankfully retrieved from the unforgiving jaws of time.

Defining and influential concerts in the “The Who’s” performing career are brought to life through, reflection, and ephemera. The resulting collection is a carefully compiled narrative of one of the greatest bands in rock and roll history. Filled with unseen archival material and recently excavated memories, The Who: Concert Memories from the Classic Years 1964 to 1976 is a welcome in depth excursion for the Who expert, and a proper introduction to the power of the live band for the curious novice.


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