‘Summertime Blues’-‘A Conglomeration of Rock’-McCartney, Sabbath, McLagan, etc!

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      While I continue to work my way through and review the new Grateful Dead May 1977 box set, this week’s ‘Talk From the Rock Room’ will concentrate on new rock news, what I have happening in and around the ‘rock room’, and act as a general ‘Greetings!’ to my loyal ‘rock room’ readers. I do have a ‘real’ job unfortunately and cannot always listen and write as much as I like. So today’s blog will be to catch up, disseminate, greet and rant. As I previously stated though, I do have some stuff in the oven coming out, so prepare to be served! With the Grateful Dead March 17th 1968 performance melting like a candle in the sun and oozing from my speakers as my soundtrack, I give you this edition of’ Talk From the Rock Room’.
     First I would like to offer any of my readers in Upstate New York the amazing opportunity to see and hear two ‘rock legends’ this weekend in Cazenovia, NY. The show ‘A Small Face and A Badfinger’ will feature rock and roll hall of fame keyboardist extraordinaire for the (Small) ‘Faces’ Ian McLagan working with and joining ‘Badfinger’ guitarist Joey Molland for an evening of rock tales, reflection and classic music. I will be traveling this weekend for this performance, hence the truncated edition of ‘Talk From the Rock Room’. I look forward to a very special evening of music shared with two pillars in the history of rock.
      Secondly, if you did not get a chance to witness the Paul McCartney and Wings, ‘Rockshow’ premier in theaters these past few weeks, do not fret, it is now available on DVD and Blue Ray. If you are not familiar with this film, it is a chance to experience Wings when they were at their recording and performing peak. The film was shot in Seattle during the 1976 ‘Wings Over America Tour’ and finds the band reaching a musical summit and finds Macca in glorious voice. This is the period when Paul’s ‘second’ band was becoming the most popular group in the world. Do not miss this one. Too many highlights to list! Oh, and check out McCartney’s landmark 38 song set from Bonnaroo this month, where he proved age has no bearing on the level of performances that he is still kicking out! Macca also showed up on the Stephen Colbert show where the interested can see a sampling of the new songs Sir Paul is breaking out this tour such as, “Being For the Benefit of Mr. Kite’, and ‘Hi, Hi Hi’.
      Another bit of ‘rock news’ I must offer you my dear reader is to check out the brand new ‘Black Sabbath’ LP ’13’ which was released to great excitement this month. The record is a modern day mirror reflection of the group that defined and even created a genre of music on their own. Sabbath’s own variety of ‘dark blues’ heavy steps and rattles chains across the new record produced by musical veteran Rick Ruben. Ruben made the group revisit the first record ever created by Sabbath as a reminder of how forward thinking and revolutionary they really were. ’13’ feels vintage, and carries the vibe of what made Sabbath great. Only lacking drummer Bill Ward due to contract disputes, the record carries the torch, and a bloody sword of remembrance for the band that in the 1970’s steered ‘rock and roll’ toward ‘heavy metal’.
      In total contrast, Rod Stewart also has a new LP out called ‘Time’ which has softened the rockers hard edges slightly, but contains tunes that have all been penned by Rod. Steering away from the standards he has been covering for the last few years, Rod has come up with a highly creative and unique collection of songs. While not everyone’s cup of tea, it is a well made, melodically pleasing record that deserves a spin. I have included a link below.
     The Stones continue to work there way across the States on their ‘Fifty and Counting Tour’ with amazing reviews poring in, and a multitude of guests joining in and appearing with the group. The tour has also been busting out fan requests and rare goods at almost every stop. I missed this one, but if you get a chance to see the guys, I suggest you do so! Breakouts include, ‘Sway’, Can’t You Hear Me Knockin’, ‘Bitch’, ‘Worried About You, ‘Emotional Rescue’, and ‘Factory Girl’ among many others. These guys are still the best garage rock band, rough and ready, bringing the goods every night.
     On a few final notes before I leave for my ‘real’ job, and prepare for a weekend of some great times and amazing music, I want to give a quick directive of some ‘rock gold’ on the horizon. The ‘Americana Tour’ will be coming to a town near you soon! Featuring ‘My Morning Jacket’, ‘Wilco’, and Bob Dylan and his band, this tour is sure to blow away all fans of definitive songwriting and timeless melodies. On Jerry Garcia’s August 1st birthday the legendary film ‘Sunshine Daydream’ will premier in theaters for one night only. Containing the astonishing August 27th 1972 Venetta, Oregon concert, this film has Deadheads all over the world salivating. Updated in both visual and aural quality this is sure to be one of the rock highlights of the year. If you have never seen the film, prepare to be destroyed, if you have seen it, prepare to witness it in a way you have never have before!
     Then on a personal note, during my recent travels to the flea, as well as my fathers prowess in finding great record scores, I have acquired an original ‘Buffalo Springfield Again (mono) LP, and (finally) a beautifully delicate and mint copy of the Bob Dylan Milton Glaser poster included on LP copies of Bob Dylan’s Greatest Hits! Yeah, I’m a rock geek.
     In conclusion I  also want to take a second to say a prayer for the ‘rock and roll’
deaths that have happened in 2013. It’s unfortunate that this year has
already taken so many of the rock legends that we know, respect and love
away. Rest in Peace, Ray Manzarek, Alvin Lee, Peter Banks, Jeff
Hanneman, and others on the list that will unfortunately keep growing. The important thing is that the music you have created will carry your life energy on eternally into the ears and hearts of your admirers.
     As always, thanks for reading, and thanks for keeping rock alive. It’s not an easy thing in this day and age of digital manipulation, auto tuning, and corporate sponsorship. There is always more rock news happening and being prepared, and I will try to find the relevant information and pass it on to you, but I encourage you to pass it on to me also! As I previously stated this quick entry is to let those who are interested know what’s happening, ‘Here, There, and Everywhere’. Keep and eye on this spot as I will return to my normally scheduled features and reviews coming soon! I hope that all of your ‘rock’ dreams and travels are special and all that you want them to be. Oh yeah, will somebody get Jimmy Page to release this ‘long awaited’ solo LP this year?!

Paul McCartney-2013-Being For the Benefit of Mr. Kite

Black Sabbath-13 Full Album

Rod Stewart-Time Full LP



  1. Anonymous

    The excellent new Sabbath album was actually produced by Rick Ruben, not Bob Rock as your post states.

  2. talkfromtherockroom

    Thank you for the correction. I have edited the post to reflect the correct producer.


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